Do Hublot Watches Hold Their Value? A Complete Guide

Hublot offers a wide variety of luxury watches. Still, with the luxury title comes a large price tag. Buying a Hublot watch has many upsides, but do Hublot watches hold their value?

On average, Hublot watches depreciate in value after the sale, just like most others on the market. However, the watches do retain some of their initial value. Depending on the style and age of the watch, the resale value changes slightly.

When buying a luxury watch, you know that it won’t retain its value over time. In fact, as soon as you walk out of the store, the value drops. So, let’s take a look at the depreciation rate of a Hublot and see if it’s worth it.

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Do Hublot Watches Hold Their Value?

To figure out if an item holds its value over time, you need to look at its resale value. There are a few factors that can affect the resale value of a Hublot Watch. These include:

  • Condition of the watch
  • Age of the watch
  • Design of the watch
  • How many watches the manufacturer produces

Depending on your specific watch, the resale price will be a little different. In general, most Hublot watches depreciate in value a short while after you purchase them.

Yet, how much they drop in value will depend on how well you take care of your watch. If the watch is in perfect condition, then a Hublot can retain about half of its original value. But this can change depending on the design.

For example, the Hublot Big Bang retails for over $20,000. Within six months, the resale price drops to just over $14,000. Then after a year of the sale, the price can drop to as low as $8,000. This is less than half of the original value of the watch.

This is just one example of a watch design. Most of the Hublot collection will follow a similar graph.

However, in some rare cases, some watches can increase in value after the sale. This only really happens if you purchase a limited edition Hublot watch, but the possibility is there.

If the watch becomes a collector’s item, the resale value can double or even triple. An excellent example of this is the Big Bang Sang Bleu Ⅱ.

Materials Used To Make Hublot Watches

When you purchase an item from any luxury brand, you expect a certain level of quality. Luckily, Hublot doesn’t disappoint.

With Hublot, you know you’ll always get an amazing quality watch. Hublot uses high-quality materials to produce all of its watches. Some of these materials include:

  • Gold
  • Ceramic
  • Carbon fiber
  • Precious stones

Not only do these materials look amazing and add a luxurious touch to the watch, but they also hold value. Gold has an intrinsic value, and so do diamonds. The inclusion of these materials ensures that the watch will always hold some value.

When you think of expensive accessories, gold is high on the list of materials. Not only does it have an amazing shine, but it’s also incredibly durable. Hublot uses a mixture of gold and other metals to create strong, scratchproof watches.

To enhance performance, Hublot introduces ceramic and carbon fiber elements to make its watches. This ensures your watch will run smoothly for as long as you have it.

Finally, as an extra embellishment, Hublot adds a few precious stones to its designs. This can include sapphire and even diamonds.

While the watch may not retain most of its value, the use of these precious materials ensures that there’s always some value there.

Is a Hublot Watch a Good Investment?

Even though the value of Hublot watches decreases, there are many reasons to make a purchase.


  • Elegant designs that can work for any occasion
  • Some watches are pieces of art, like the Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski
  • The watches are much more affordable than many other luxury brands
  • Most watches can handle the heavy sweat of exercise
  • You can customize your watch strap
  • Many of the designs include special elements of precious stones
  • They don’t require much maintenance
  • The watches are incredibly accurate
  • Hublot offers both mechanical and quartz watches


  • Hublot isn’t as big of a household name as some of its competitors, like Rolex
  • The watches can lose up to half their resale value within a year
  • Hublot has a limited collection in comparison to competitors like Patek Philippe
  • Hublot lacks some of the aspects that make a watch an actual luxury watch


Buying a new Hublot watch can be a bit of an investment. However, you do get a big bang for your buck. Hublot masterfully crafts the watches to match any and all occasions.

Moreover, they’re stylish and can last a lifetime. Hublot is known for its unique designs. Just take a look at the Hublot LaFerrari, for example, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

So, if you’re a watch collector, you may want to pick up a Hublot for your collection. But a Hublot isn’t the way to go if you’re buying the watch to resell it later down the line.

Even though its value decreases, there’s still a huge market for Hublot. This means if you decide to sell, you’ll most likely find a buyer quickly.

Should You Buy A Used Hublot Watch?

Many people shy away from purchasing any used items. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want one. A Hublot on your wrist can be an amazing feeling.

Since Hublot expertly crafts its watches, they can handle plenty of wear and tear. This means that the watches can survive changing owners.

In addition, the price of a second-hand Hublot watch is significantly less than a brand new one. For this reason, it may be a better idea to buy a used Hublot watch.

As long as the watch you buy is in good condition and you take care of it, you should have no issues with it.

Also, be sure to perform some quick checks to see if the watch is real! This is really important, especially since you’re about to pay a hefty sum for a watch. Typical things to look out for:

  • Check the serial numbers
  • Check the feel of the watch (luxury watches are made with solid and weighty materials, so the watch should not feel light and cheap)
  • The dial should have ‘Hublot Geneve’ engraved on it, not printed
  • A price that’s too good to be true probably is

Wrapping Up

Buying any luxury item can always be a bit of a gamble. You never know if the item will hold its value over the years.

If you’re in the market for a watch, you may wonder, do Hublot watches hold their value? In most cases, a Hublot watch doesn’t retain most of its value a year after its sale. However, the watch does keep up its performance over the years.

For this reason, the low resale value shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a Hublot watch.


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