How To Spot A Fake Hublot Watch In 12 Simple Steps

When it comes to watches, you’ll find a Hublot almost everywhere. But that’s where the problem starts. 

Which Hublot watch is real, and which one isn’t? 

Don’t worry, I can help you spot the important clues. 

Regardless if you got your watch as a gift or bought it second-hand, you’ll find the answers that you need in this article.

Just keep reading to find out: 

  • Proven signs that your Hublot watch is genuine.
  • 12 simple steps on how to spot a fake Hublot watch. 
  • 3 essential tips in case you have a fake Hublot watch.
  • And more.
A Hublot watch with a skeleton dial and a leather strap. The watch is looking flashy and sits on top of a golden table.

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How To Spot A Fake Hublot Watch In 12 Simple Steps 

Step 1: Do a weight comparison

First, you can go to an official Hublot store and compare your watch’s weight to the same model that the store has.

As soon as you hold a real Hublot watch in your hands, you’ll quickly notice the difference in weight and quality. 

And just like that, you’ll know right away if your Hublot watch is real or fake.

Step 2: Verify the serial number

In case you’re already in the official store to do a weight comparison, you might as well ask for assistance regarding the serial number of your watch.

You see, some stores can help you verify that number for you.

That said, real Hublot watches should have a 6 to 7-digit serial number engraved on the case back.

Now, let’s say that the numbers on your watch are legitimate. 

Well, fake watchmakers can easily copy them anyways. So, your next step is to examine the carvings. 

Keep in mind that the serial numbers should be engraved. Not printed on the case back. 

Plus, those numbers should be evenly carved. This means you shouldn’t spot any inconsistencies at all. Otherwise, it shows that your Hublot watch is most likely a fake. 

A Hublot Ferrari watch. The watch sits atop a black and white countertop.

3. Check the details on the dial, case back, and strap

Oftentimes, you’ll spot a fake watch if the printed text on the dial is misaligned.

This never happens to authentic Hublot watches. 

After all, actual Hublot watchmakers craft each watch with careful precision. And they use advanced tools to make perfectly symmetrical printing on their watches.

Examine the “H” logo on the dial

Aside from the printings, most Hublot watches also have their brand logo carved on the dial. 

And I’m talking about the letter “H” with a wavy line in the center. To check this, just look up Hublot’s official site

You’ll instantly find the wavy design that I’m talking about. 

Now, that’s exactly what you should see on your watch’s dial. If it looks anything different, then your Hublot watch is definitely a fake.

Lastly, if the logo looks like it was glued on the dial and not carved, then that’s another sign of a fake watch.

See if there are any damages or deformities

As a high-end brand, you can only expect high-quality watches from Hublot. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t spot damages, markings, or deformities on the watch at all. 

For example, fake Hublot watches might have poor-quality plastic straps. This makes it prone to deformation. Meanwhile, authentic Hublot watches are made with top-quality rubber straps. 

However, exceptions to this step may apply to second-hand watches. 

4. Look around for glue residue 

While some fake watchmakers go the extra mile to make their counterfeits look flawless, you’ll still find fake Hublot watches with glue residue around the edges. 

That’s a huge giveaway that it’s not only a fake watch but it’s also a cheap, poorly-made knockoff as well.

5. Touch the screws

Hublot watches have noticeable screws. And that’s because of the “H” shape that the screws have.

That said, fake Hublot watches might not have this detail at all. 

Plus, counterfeits tend to have blue screws on them. Which is highly uncommon for an authentic Hublot watch. 

If anything, most Hublot watches only have screws that match the material of the case.

A black Hublot watch with a black dial, case, and strap. Along the watch is a red and blue line.

6. Feel the Hublot logo on the clasp 

Look at your watch’s clasp. You’ll find another carving that states Hublot’s brand name.

And just like the previous steps, the lettering on the clasp should be engraved, not printed. 

Moreover, the Hublot logo on the clasp should also have a circle-shaped letter “H” on them. And it looks just like the “H” shaped screws of Hublot watches.

7. Test the crystal’s quality

While Hublot isn’t seen as a luxury watch brand, the brand does make good quality timepieces.

And like every expensive, high-end timepiece, there’s only one option for the watch’s crystal.

This is the piece of glass that covers the watch’s face, and for high-end pieces, this will always be a sapphire crystal.

This particular material is so scratch resistant that it can only be scratched by diamonds.

However, counterfeit Hublots are typically made with cheap plastic, instead of the expensive sapphire crystal.

So, spotting any scratches on the watch glass is a clear giveaway that the watch is fake.

And that also goes for second-hand Hublot watches!

Tip: You can pour a drop of water on top of your watch’s crystal. If it’s made with plastic, the water will spread around. 

But if the water stays intact, then it’s a good sign that your watch’s crystal is real. 

That’s 1 way for you to test a sapphire crystal’s authenticity.

A far riskier method, which I do not recommend, is to literally try to lightly cut the crystal. A sapphire crystal will still look flawless, while a plastic one will show the grooves of the cut.

8. Compare the prices

Hublot offers expensive watches, typically ranging between $12,500 and $22,000 apiece.

Now, there are several reasons why Hublot’s are so expensive, but the point is, a Hublot watch will cost you quite a penny.

So if you’re buying a Hublot watch for a cheaper price, it should ring some alarm bells.

It’s the age-old saying

If something’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Fake watchmakers typically produce their counterfeits with cheap materials. So they still make a solid profit if they heavily discount their watches.

It isn’t uncommon for a fake Hublot to cost a few hundred dollars, instead of a few thousand.

However, the scenario changes if you’re buying a second-hand watch. 

Hublot watches tend to lose a good chunk of their value, relatively quickly as well. So a nice discount on a second-hand piece is not necessarily a sign of it being fake. 

A beige Hublot watch with a balck rubber strap. The watch sits atop a paper with black and white stripes.

9. Be mindful of the spelling

Hublot’s brand name seems easy to spell, right? Well, some fake watchmakers still get it wrong. 

For example, they might misspell the brand’s name as: 

  • Hublott.
  • Hubblot.
  • Hubblott.

Now, those are just some common misspellings. 

Moreover, the brand name “Hublot” isn’t the only word written on these watches. 

You’ll also find the name “Geneve” along with it. That’s because Geneve, Switzerland is where the company was founded.

That said, you might also spot typos when it comes to Geneve, such as: 

  • Genieve.
  • Geneeve.
  • Geeneve.

While it’s uncommon to make such a huge mistake when crafting watches, you should still pay close attention to these details. 

But the point is, your watch’s dial should have a carving that says “Hublot Geneve”. And the letters should all be carved in uppercase form. 

However, “Hublot” is carved bigger than “Geneve”. 

Plus, “Geneve” should be under “Hublot”. This means these 2 words shouldn’t be next to each other.

Pay attention to the font style used

If you look at photos of Hublot watches on their official site, you’ll notice the font used for their logo. 

Basically, authentic Hublot watches write their logo in a compact style font. 

This means your watch’s logo shouldn’t be too thin or thick either. And the spacing between the letters shouldn’t be too far from each other. 

10. Look for the “Swiss Made” carving

On the movement, you should spot the iconic “Swiss Made” carving. But if it’s not engraved, that’s a clear sign of a counterfeit Hublot watch. 

The ‘Swiss Made’ title is a prestigious one, so a Swiss watch brand will never forget to include those 2 magic words.

11. Examine the box’s quality and papers 

Just like many official brands, buying a Hublot watch comes with a product box. Along with it, you should also receive product papers. 

That said, the box alone should already be of good quality. Basically, you shouldn’t see any dents or other damage on the box. 

After all, the box is meant to protect the watch too. 

But of course, this might not work if you’re buying a second-hand watch. If that’s the case, the box might already be in poor shape. 

Or in some cases, the seller won’t even have the box anymore. Though, the watch’s price value can go down without the box. 

That aside, you should also examine the papers that come with it. 

Those papers aren’t just your regular receipt. They also contain information about the product itself. Such as the watch’s serial number or which store it was purchased from. 

Now, you can use this paper to compare the carved numbers on your watch. 

First, a fake watchmaker might miss this detail. Thus, they’ll end up putting the wrong number on the document. 

Aside from that, you should read the entire file as well. 

Check for typos or grammatical errors

Fake watchmakers might not proofread whatever they write on the product paper. 

This means you’ll spot wrong spellings, extra spaces, misplaced commas, and poor grammar all over the document. 

So, if nothing makes sense or seems ‘off’ after reading the document, then you probably have a fake watch on your hands.

A classy Hublot watch with a dark brown dial, golden case, and diamonds atop the bezel.

12. Ask for the e-warranty 

Trivia: Hublot is one of the first brands in the world to utilize a feature called e-warranty

But what’s an e-warranty? 

To simplify, it’s like a face scanner on mobile devices. Or you could also compare it with a fingerprint scanner. 

Now, this e-warranty feature works on every Hublot watch made since 2020. 

This means that each manufactured watch is recorded in the company’s system. So, all you’ll have to do is take a photo of the watch. 

After that, Hublot’s app will scan the watch to see if it matches the one in their system. 

With that, it makes it so much easier to verify if your watch is real or not. 

That’s why you should ask for the e-warranty before you make a purchase. And keep in mind, this works even for second-hand Hublot watches. 

The previous owner should have access to the e-warranty. Therefore, you should ask them to transfer the ownership to you. 

All of this can be done through Hublot’s official app on Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

What to do in case you have a fake Hublot watch 

Unfortunately, fake watchmakers are getting better at deceiving buyers nowadays. 

So what can you do in case your Hublot watch is fake? 

Well, Hublot’s company doesn’t have any official statement about this for now. 

However, you have the option to report the fraudulent transaction through the official FHS Swiss site

You may not find out what happens next, but this shows that the federation is taking action against fake watchmakers behind the scenes. 

But you should also consider the risk of wearing the fake Hublot watch. There’s a chance that it might contain harmful materials on them. 

With that, it can be bad for your health if you wear the fake watch for too long. So, it’s best to either return it or get rid of the watch.

Aside from that, you can also try getting your money back. 

For one, try to communicate with the seller first. And if they’re uncooperative, you can take advantage of some online features. 

Especially if you paid through an app like PayPal.

3 tips on how to get refunded when you buy a fake Hublot watch

In PayPal, there are 2 ways to pay someone. Those options are: 

  • Friends and Family.
  • Goods and Services.

The first option makes the refund process a lot easier.

You just have to open the app and get in touch with PayPal’s customer support. 

From there, they’ll guide you on how to get your money back through the app. 

But if you use the second option, then you’ll have to file a dispute by calling PayPal’s support line as well.

After that, you’ll have to wait as PayPal investigates the transaction. 

Eventually, you’ll get the result whether you won the dispute case or not. 

Now, if none of that works, here’s a last resort option: call your bank. 

The thing is, some banks have a chargeback service. This means your bank will forcibly take the money back from the seller’s account. 

However, this process can be long and not guaranteed to work at all times.


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