Do TAG Heuer Watches Hold Their Value? -Complete Breakdown

TAG Heuer watches aren’t cheap, to say the least. With an average price of about $3000, you may wonder, do TAG Heuer watches hold their value?

TAG Heuer watches typically do not hold their value. A TAG Heuer watch typically depreciates by about 10-20% per year for the first three years. After that, the value starts to stabilize. The only exception are vintage TAG Heuer watches. These do hold their value and can even appreciate.

A 10-20% depreciation per year sounds like a lot, but it shouldn’t necessarily deter you from buying a TAG Heuer watch. Depreciation is normal for most watches, and after all, we typically buy watches for ourselves to wear, not to sell.

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Do TAG Heuer Watches Hold Their Value?

As with most watches, TAG Heuer watches aren’t all that good in holding their value. Most people seem to think that luxurious and expensive watches tend to hold or go up in value, but that market is actually a lot smaller than most people think.

For most watches, it’s almost the same as buying a new car. The moment you walk out of the store, you lose a good chunk of value.

In the case of TAG Heuer watches, you can expect to lose about 50% of the value after three years. After the first three years, the valuation will start to stabilize.

Watches holding their value are reserved for only a few of the high-end brands. Names like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe are great at holding their value, and many models even appreciate over time.

But these are some of the most respected luxury brands. That’s not to say that TAG Heuer doesn’t make good quality watches, but in most aspects, they just aren’t at the level of the aforementioned brands.

A while back (in 2009), there was a lot of controversy surrounding TAG Heuer. They claimed to have made an in-house movement, which actually turned out to be a movement from Seiko. This lie severely tarnished the brand’s name, turning TAG Heuer into a less-respected watch brand.

The damage to the name has impacted how well their watches hold their value. Of course, a lousy PR move and a bad reputation lead to a less desirable and respected brand.

Other than that, TAG Heuer watches are relatively exclusive. Unlike Tissot watches, for example, TAG Heuer watches are hand-made. Only about 700.000 are produced every year, and while that is a large number, it’s a lot less than other brands.

To put things into perspective, Tissot produces about 3,5 million watches a year.

The only exception to all this is for limited edition watches. And with TAG Heuer, we’re primarily talking about the watches produced before the ‘TAG’ portion was added to the brand’s name.

A vintage Heuer Monaco, for example, will have risen in value over the years, provided it’s still in good condition.

Are TAG Heuer Watches A Good Investment?

A TAG Heuer watch is not a good investment, as TAG Heuer watches lose about 20% of their value every year for the first three years. There are a few vintage models that can go up in value, but those are extremely rare. The average TAG Heuer watch is not a good investment.

If you’re looking to make money with watches, TAG Heuer really isn’t the brand you should be looking for. As an investment, TAG Heuer will most likely disappoint.

We just discussed how the value of a TAG Heuer watch goes down by about 50% in the first three years, and that’s a given for most of their models.

There is always the chance that you’re extremely lucky and your watch suddenly goes up in value, but at that point, it’s just guessing and hoping.

On top of that, TAG Heuer watches, although expensive, are still on the more affordable side. The average price sits around $3000, so a 10% appreciation means you made about $300. While $300 is a nice chunk of money, keep in mind that it could take several years before there’s even the chance that the watch appreciates.

However, if you want to invest in a good-quality watch for yourself, TAG Heuer is a good option. TAG Heuer is known for producing high-quality watches. And although they are expensive, you do get a good quality product from a brand that is regarded by many as ‘high-end’.

So if you’re looking to invest in yourself and your own watch collection, a TAG Heuer watch is not a bad option!

Is TAG Heuer Considered To Be A Luxury Watch Brand?

TAG Heuer is not considered to be a luxury watch brand. Although they produce high-quality and luxurious watches, they outsource their movement, disqualifying them from being a luxury watch brand. Other than the movement, TAG Heuer is, in most senses, a luxury brand.

For a watch to be considered a luxury watch brand, it needs to meet some specifications. The most obvious one is the ‘feeling of luxury’, which often comes from the brand’s name and the price. Others are the use of exotic materials and an in-house-made movement.

As we touched on earlier, TAG Heuer found themself in controversy when they marketed and claimed they made their own movement, which turned out the be a movement from Seiko.

While Seiko produces fantastic movements, it does mean that TAG Heuer does not always make its own movement. This basically already disqualifies them from being a luxury watch brand.

Aside from the movement, TAG Heuer does use exotic and high-quality materials. Their norm is a sapphire crystal for the watch face, the best available option, and they aren’t shy of incorporating diamonds or 18K gold.

The TAG Heuer name is also not one to scoff at. Despite the bad reputation they gained with their false advertising, the name is still synonymous with luxurious watches to most people.

TAG Heuer watches also come at a relatively high price. The average sits at around $3000. Compared to the likes of Omega and Rolex, it’s on the more affordable side, but $3000 is still a good chunk of money.


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