How Much Is A Seiko Watch Service? (Cost Breakdown)

Seiko is an iconic Japanese watch brand and many watch enthusiasts adore their long-lasting timepieces. To keep a Seiko watch in tip-top shape, the brand recommends servicing their watches every 2-3 years. Keeping that in mind, how much does a Seiko watch service cost? How much does it cost to service a luxury watch from their sister company, Grand Seiko?

A Seiko watch service costs around $100-$400, depending on the watch model, movement type, and suggested repairs. A Grand Seiko watch service costs about $400-$900, though it also depends on the model and condition of the watch. Where you choose to take your watch is a factor, too. 

This post is all about detailing how much a Seiko watch service costs, so keep reading if you want to know how much you can expect to pay to fix up and polish your automatic, mechanical, or quartz Seiko watch. We’ll also go over the average costs to service a Grand Seiko watch, Seiko’s luxury watch company.

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How Much Does A Seiko Watch Service Cost?

A Seiko watch service on average costs about $400, though some calibers may be a little more expensive to fix at $500 – $900. The amount you’ll pay for a service is dependent on the watch model, the repairs needed, and the watch’s movement type.

As some Seiko watch models are older than others, some parts are harder to get, driving up the price. In some cases, an older watch may not be able to be serviced since that specific caliber is discontinued. 

For the record, the gaskets for Seiko calibers 6139 and 6138 are discontinued. You can find your watch’s caliber number on the back of your watch – it’s the first four digits of that hyphenated number. 

Cost Of A Seiko Watch Service

On AverageComplete Service$400
AutomaticComplete Service $450 (average)
MechanicalComplete Service:
-Caliber 75 
-Caliber 4R
-Caliber 6R
-Caliber 8R
-Caliber 5R6
-Caliber 5R8
$400 (average)
QuartzComplete Service:
-Analog V series – Solar
-Caliber 7C
-Caliber 5D
-Caliber 7X
-Caliber 9T
$285 (average)

While this is not an exhaustive list of calibers, the Seiko website states certain calibers must only be serviced in Japan. You’ll have to shell out for additional shipping costs. 

Seiko watches that must be sent to Japan for servicing include all Credor and Galante collections models. It also includes the following calibers:

  • 1BXX
  • 4SXX
  • 5R86
  • 7B24
  • 7B25
  • 7R87
  • 9S25
  • 9R86
  • 9R96
  • S760
  • S771
  • 6SXX

What Does A Seiko Watch Service Include?

There are several steps involved in a Seiko watch service: 

Expert watch technicians will service the watch movement, fix and replace broken parts and gaskets, test for water resistance, add lubrication to parts that need it, and adjust the time and caliber specifications. They’ll also perform an ultrasonic cleaning of the case and band. 

If your watch is battery-powered (via a traditional battery, a rechargeable battery, or ion cell), they’ll swap that out too. 

Service Fees For Seiko Watch Models

You can expect to pay anywhere between $100-$900 for a Seiko watch service. 

While that is a wide range, Seiko has an impressive watch catalog – meaning many parts from older watches (i.e., the legendary 6139 chronograph caliber) may be harder to source than parts for modern models.

Overall, the model of your watch, its movement, and its condition will determine how much you’re going to pay for a Seiko service. 

Let’s take a closer look at how much it’ll cost you to service your Seiko automatic, mechanical, and/or quartz watch. We’ll go over the price range you can expect to pay as well as list off a few models to help you determine your watch’s movement if you’re unsure. 

Seiko Service Costs For Automatic Watches

It costs $450 on average to service a Seiko automatic watch. 

Popular automatic Seiko timepieces include the Seiko 5 Sport (great for outdoor enthusiasts), the Seiko Presage (stylish), and the Seiko SKX009P9 automatic dive watch (swimmers love it). 

Seiko Service Costs For Mechanical Watches

It costs $400 on average to service a Seiko mechanical watch. Mechanical and automatic watches usually cost more to repair than quartz watches since the latter is battery-powered and packs fewer parts (mechanical watches can have over 200 components!). 

Seiko’s watches with mechanical movement include the elegant Seiko Premier line, such as the SSA399J1 or SSA215J1 models. 

Seiko Service Costs For Quartz Watches

It costs $285 on average to service a Seiko quartz watch. How much you’ll pay depends on the type of quartz movement, like whether it is powered by an analog battery or a rechargeable one. Quartz watches typically cost less to repair than automatic or mechanical watches because they contain fewer parts and their movement isn’t as complex. 

You can expect to pay anywhere from $79-$116 to replace either battery type for your quartz Seiko watch. 

If you have a discontinued quartz caliber, Seiko’s website lists the cost for a service at $154.

Now, what about Seiko’s kinetic watches? How much does it cost to service them? 

While Seiko doesn’t explicitly list how much a kinetic service costs, we think it should be in a similar range to Seiko’s quartz, mechanical, and automatic watches since a kinetic watch is like a combination of the three movements. With a kinetic wristwatch, movement energy converts into electrical energy and is stored in a self-charging battery.

Therefore, you can expect to pay $200-$400 to service your Seiko kinetic watch.  

How Much Does A Grand Seiko Watch Service Cost?

A Grand Seiko watch service starts at around $400 and tops out at about $900, though how much you’ll end up paying depends on the condition of your watch, its model, and its movement. Grand Seiko is Seiko’s sister luxury watch company, prized by many because of the prestigious in-house movement and high-end materials used to make the watch.

A Grand Seiko complete service includes a service package featuring a movement overhaul and “Light Polish” of the watch case and metal band. The light polish can only be applied to stainless steel and titanium Grand Seiko watches. 

Cost Of A Grand Seiko Watch Service

AverageComplete Service$520
MechanicalComplete Service:
Caliber 9R8
Caliber 9R6
Caliber 9S
$650 (average)
QuartzComplete Sevice:
Caliber 9F

Battery Change:
Caliber 9F



Service Fees For Grand Seiko Watch Models

It costs anywhere from $50 for a battery change to $400-$900 to fully service a Grand Seiko watch. 

Because Grand Seiko is Seiko’s sister luxury watch brand, it’ll cost you a little more to service it than the traditional Seiko’s in your collection. The Grand Seiko 9S, for example, features cutting-edge technology like the Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), which gives the watch an incredible level of accuracy. 

Accuracy and in-house movement are the hallmarks of Grand Seiko. 

Grand Seiko Service Costs For Mechanical Watches

You’ll pay around $650 to service your Grand Seiko mechanical watch, though the amount greatly depends on your timepiece’s condition, movement, and model. 

Grand Seiko mechanical models include the SBGM247 and the SBGM245.

Grand Seiko Service Costs For Quartz Watches

A Grand Seiko service for a quartz watch costs around $400 to start.  

Their 9F series is powered by a quartz movement (the battery sends electric pulses to the quartz oscillator at exactly 32,768 times per second!), and calibers such as the 9F86, the 9F85, and the 9F61 are all quartz-powered. 


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