How Much Is A Tissot Watch Service (Full Cost Breakdown)

Swiss brand Tissot is known for its high quality yet affordable wristwatches and in-house movements. Whether you have a T-Touch Expert Pilot, a Powermatic 80, or any other model from their extensive lineup, it’s good to know how much a Tissot watch service may cost. So, how much is a typical Tissot watch service? 

A watch repair service for your Tissot watch starts around $60 for partial repair service and $130 for full repair service. Tech-heavy touch screen watches and chronograph watches typically cost the most to repair from Tissot, starting around $200 for a complete service. 

We understand how important it is to keep your watches running smooth and looking nice, so if you’re thinking of sending your watch in for a repair (or want to keep your future budget in mind), keep reading to learn the costs of a typical Tissot watch service. We’ll go over service fees for the brand’s automatic, mechanical, quartz, and touch screen timepieces.

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How Much Is A Tissot Watch Service?

Tissot watch services start between $50-$350. The service price depends on if the watch requires a partial or complete service. The price you’ll pay also depends on your watch’s movement, design, and specific features and complications. 

These watch features may include a water resistance rating on a dive watch or a synthetic sapphire crystal around the bezel of an automatic, mechanical, or quartz watch. Movements that use hundreds of tiny pieces to make a watch work (like mechanical and automatic) cost more to service than quartz movement because quartz watches use a battery and do not have so many small parts that require a skilled professional. 

When you mail in your watch or take it to a store for servicing, services are usually categorized in two ways: partial and complete (full).

A partial watch service isn’t as labor-intensive as a complete service. Therefore it’s common to cost less. 

Let’s break down how much a Tissot watch service will cost by partial and complete services. We’ll go over the prices and explain what happens during each service type.  

A complete Tissot watch service is about $130-$305.

A complete service usually repairs a watch’s entire movement and checks for water resistance. 

For a complete watch service, the watch case is opened and dismantled at the crown with the winding stem. A watch service professional will then continue taking apart tiny, individual pieces to clean, repair, oil, and put back together. The hands, crown, corrector, and gaskets are also repaired and replaced. Finally, the case and metal bracelet are cleaned, too. 

Costs Of A Complete Tissot Watch Service

Movement Service Cost
AverageComplete service $222
AutomaticComplete service $200
Mechanical Complete service:  
-Swissmatic 2-3 hands
QuartzComplete service:
-2-3 hands
Touch Screen Complete service:
T-Race Touch/Racing-Touch
T-Touch Classic / T-Touch Original
-Other models 

How Much Is A Partial Tissot Watch Service?

A partial service on a Tissot brand watch is about $60.

Partial services include replacing the battery (if it’s quartz) and any broken external parts, cleaning the case and metal bracelet (and shortening it, if requested), replacing the crown, pushers, and gaskets, as well as checking the water resistance.  

Cost Of A Partial Tissot Watch Service

Movement Service Cost
AveragePartial service $60
Automatic Partial service $60
Mechanical Partial service:
-2-3 hands

QuartzPartial service:
-2-3 hands

Touch ScreenPartial service$65

Service Fees For Tissot Watch Models

You can expect to pay at least $60-$315 for a Tissot watch service. The model and movement of your Tissot watch factor in how much a service fee you’ll pay. 

As Tissot has been around for over 160 years and the brand has quite the catalog of watches. Tissot makes automatic, mechanical, and quartz watches, as well as chronograph watches. Nowadays, they even make touch screen watches too. Chronograph and touch screen Tissot watches cost a little more to fix than automatic and mechanical watches.

Tissot Service Cost For Automatic Watches

A service for a Tissot automatic watch is about $60-$200, depending on whether a partial or complete service is needed. 

Automatic Tissot watches include the Seastart 2000, the Couturier Automatic Chronograph, and the Carson Premium Automatic Lady.

Tissot Service Cost For Mechanical Watches

A service for a Tissot mechanical watch is about $55-$315. Both mechanical and automatic movements cost more to make and more to repair than a quartz movement. 

Popular mechanical watches include the Heritage Porto, the T-Complication Squelette, the T-My Lady, and the vintage-style Double Savonnette pocket watch. 

Tissot Service Cost For Quartz Watches

A service for a Tissot quartz watch typically ranges between $130-$220, depending on the type of quartz movement it has (autoquartz or chronograph, for example). 

Quartz watches are battery-powered, so they are not as mechanically complex as a watch with automatic or mechanical movement. Therefore, a Tissot quartz watch movement will likely be a little cheaper to repair than your Tissot automatic and mechanical timepieces. 

It costs around $45 for a Tissot quartz battery replacement and $90 for partial service. 

For example, if you have a Tissot PRC 100 Titanium Chronograph, you can expect to pay somewhere around this amount.

Tissot Service Cost For Touch Screen Watches

A repair service for a touch screen (aka tactile) Tissot watch costs between $65-$305, depending on if a partial or complete service is in order. 

You may need a watch repair if your screen is cracked or showing dark, discolored “blobs,” as some users of Tissot’s touch screen watches have reported. 

Popular Tissot touch screen watches include the solar-powered T-Touch Expert Solar, T-Touch Connect Solar, and the Silen-T. 

Tissot lists the service fee as the same ($65) no matter which touch-screen Tissot watch model you have.


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