Why Do Timex Watches Tick So Loud? (Explained)

All watches tick, but some are much louder than others. One of those loud-ticking watch brands is Timex, but why do Timex watches tick so loud?

A Timex watch ticks loudly because it has a plastic casing, a noisy quartz movement, and is generally made with cheaper materials. This all results in very little isolation and a rather audible ticking sound.

While the loud ticking sound does differ between models, it’s a given that Timex watches have an audible tick. In this article, we’ll explain why they have such a loud ticking sound and cover what models tick louder than others!

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The Loud Tick Of A Timex Watch

Perhaps one of the key characteristics of a Timex watch; a loud ticking sound.

Whether you like it or not, the ticking of a Timex watch is a fact. We established it’s because of the relatively cheap materials used, but let’s take a deeper look at what exactly causes it.

The ticking sound in a watch usually comes from the movement of the gears. Every watch has a delicate mechanism inside that ensures the time displays correctly. This is done with the use of bags, and the movement of these gears causes a ticking sound.

Depending on the quality of the materials used, the ticking sound will either be audible or barely present. A Rolex, for example, is known for making pretty much no noise whatsoever, while Timex is known for a loud tick.

A Timex watch, however, does not use the same materials as a Rolex watch. There’s a substantial difference in quality and price, which will shine through in the end product.

Not to say a Timex watch is bad, but the difference is there.

Most Timex watches are so-called ‘budget watches’. They’re made with cheap materials that can be a little ‘rough around the edges’, which allows Timex to keep the prices low. This leads to an affordable timepiece but may not last as long as its competitors.

Plastic is commonly used for the case, and a quartz movement powers the watch. In essence, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a quartz movement, but it is the most affordable movement out there, and also the one that makes the most amount of noise.

By using these cheaper materials, the watch runs less smoothly. The Timex quartz movement powers the watch by sending a soft electric shock. This causes the gears to move, but since the casing is made of plastic, there will be a lot of resonance.

Secondly, the gears are also not as smooth compared to high-end, high-quality timepieces. The electric shock also causes the gears to move somewhat rough as well, and this all attributes to a loud ticking sound.

There are a couple of Timex models out there that are more qualitative, and the difference in the ticking sound is as clear as night and day.

In the end, every Timex watch is different when it comes to the ticking sound. Some will be much louder than others. And even though it’s kind of expected that a Timex watch will tick, it’s not always the case.

What Timex Watches Tick The Loudest

As mentioned before, the loudness of the ticking does differ from watch to watch. Some Timex watches will actually be relatively quiet, while others will have a much louder ticking sound.

As a general rule of thumb for Timex watches, the cheaper you go, the louder the ticking sound will be. The more affordable options from Timex usually have a plastic casing that offers the least amount of sound isolation.

The Timex Easy Reader, for example, is a great-looking watch that ticks rather loudly. This is a more affordable watch that can usually be found for under $100. This is a fantastic price for a watch, but you will have that ticking sound present.

Another Timex watch collection with a loud ticking sound is the Timex Expedition. Again, a relatively affordable watch (also under $100), also with a loud ticking sound.

The Timex Expedition and Easy Reader are two standouts, even among the already loudly ticking Timex watches.

But this is not to say that these are bad watches. They just have a loud ticking sound. If this is something that turns you off, then these models are not for you.

If you don’t really mind the ticking sound, one of these watches could be an excellent option for an affordable watch.

What Timex Watches Tick The Quietest

When looking for quieter Timex watches, the best place to go is the Timex Chronograph collection. This is a collection of Chronograph watches that look incredible and are quieter than the other Timex watches.

With these Timex Chronograph watches, you usually get a bulkier watch. And besides a bulkier casing, the casing itself is also made of steel or brass. Either of these two materials is much more sound-isolating than simple, thin plastic.

When you pair a bulkier casing with a more sound-isolating material, you get a watch with a much quieter ticking sound.

However, do not look surprised if, even with these quieter watches, you can still hear a ticking sound.

A ticking sound within a watch is a given, and it will always be there. If you try really hard, you can even hear a ticking sound in a Rolex, which is known for being the quietest.

Do All Watches Tick

Every watch has a ticking sound. Some, however, have a much quieter ticking sound, while others have a more audible sound. The loudness of the ticking comes down to the sound isolation and the quality of the materials used to make the watch.

Generally speaking, you’ll hardly ever hear a watch tick loudly to the point of annoyance. When you press your watch against your ear, chances are you’ll be able to listen to it tick, but it doesn’t really get louder than that.

An exception to this is your typical Timex watch. Timex watches can be heard from across the room (granted, you’re home alone, and it’s quiet), and some people claim that they hear it ticking at night, even when it’s in a drawer.

This doesn’t go for every Timex watch, as we discussed earlier, but generally speaking, a Timex watch is known for its loud ticking.

On the other hand, some more luxurious watches, such as those made by Rolex, will have a ticking sound that you can barely pick up.

Can You Make Your Watch Tick Quieter

As for making your watch tick quieter, there really isn’t much you can do. Usually, the ticking sound can be attributed to poor sound isolation and to the quality of the materials used, which is not something that can be easily fixed.

You could open up your watch and put a drop of oil in the gears, but honestly, that could be more dangerous and damaging to the inside than actually fixing things. And often, a cheaper watch doesn’t even have access to the back, ruling out this option entirely.

You could always try to go to a watchmaker and see if they can do anything, but generally speaking, the ticking sounds of a watch come from the watch’s core, which is not something you can simply change.

And even if the watchmaker can do something, it will probably cost you a good penny. It’s better not to open up your watch anyway, as you’ll reduce the risk of something breaking inside.

The loud ticking is a Timex watch quirk.

If you don’t mind it, then there’s no problem, but if you don’t like it, there really is no other option than to continue your watch search. There are so many amazing watches out there, and even though Timex has some incredible options for amazing prices, there will probably be another watch that will be just as great.

If you’re looking for a watch that doesn’t tick too loudly, keep an eye out for watches with thicker casings, preferably from reputable companies. Like most things in life, quality costs something, and if you’re looking for a quality watch with little ticking sounds, your best chances are with a reputable brand.

Brands like Citizen or Seiko will often use higher-quality materials for both the gears and the casings. This will already ensure a quieter ticking sound, as the watch is much better isolated.

You could also inquire about the materials used. The materials of the casings are easy to look up online and significantly impact the loudness of the ticking sound!


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