How Much Is A Zenith Watch Service? (Cost Breakdown)

Zenith is one of the most prestigious luxury watch brands out there. As with every luxury watch, you want to keep your timepiece in pristine condition. Servicing your watch will ensure it works and looks great at all times, but how much does a Zenith watch service cost?

A Zenith watch service ranges from $200 to $300 for a partial service and ranges from $500 to $750 for a complete service. Their upper-tier watches are serviced for a slightly higher price, which will be estimated upon request.

There are many different watch models in the Zenith catalogue, so in this article, we’ll take a look at the different service costs for the different Zenith models and movements!

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How Much Does A Zenith Watch Service Cost?

The complete service of a Zenith watch starts at $300 on the low end and can go up to $750 on the high end. The exact service costs depend on the movement and will vary from model to model.

Below is a table with all the different movements and how much a partial and complete service costs.

Cost Of A Zenith Watch Service

MovementPartial Service CostsComplete Service Costs
Simple Mechanical$200 $500
Mechanical Complication$200 $600
Simple Chronograph$300 $650
Complicated Chronograph $300 $750
Quartz Watch$100 $300
Mechanical WatchEstimate upon request Estimate upon request
El Primero Haute HorlogerieEstimate upon request Estimate upon request

A complete service includes taking the watch apart and cleaning all the individual parts. Since most watches consist of upwards of 100 different tiny parts (in the case of luxury watches with an in-house movement, it’s more like multiple hundreds of parts), there’s always the chance that some of the parts show signs of wear.

Broken or worn down parts are replaced to ensure the watch functions as new.

Aside from a deep cleaning, the watch will also be adjusted if needed. All parts are then oiled up to ensure a smooth inner working, and after reassembling, the watch will be checked for accuracy and water resistance.

Zenith will also polish and buff your watch during a complete service.

As for a partial service, polishing and buffing the watch is not included. You can still take your watch in for a polish, but it would cost $100 to buff the case or $150 to buff the case and the bracelet.

As expected, servicing a quartz watch is the cheapest. Quartz watches make up the bulk of all the watches globally, as they’re reliable, affordable, and relatively easy to manufacture. Quartz watches simply require a battery to function instead of requiring an intricate and complicated movement system that functions on the body’s movement.

Chronographs and mechanical watches have more intricate and complicated movements, which is reflected in the price.

Zenith also has a collection of upper-tier watches; El Primero Haute Horlogerie (yes, even brands like Zenith have upper-tier levels). For these watches, you’ll get an estimated cost upon request. Since these watches are expensive and typically contain many complications, many more hours are involved, and the work can only be carried out by the best.

The same goes for Vintage Zenith watches. There are no set prices for servicing vintage Zenith watches, so you’ll need to take the watch to a Zenith store, where they’ll draft up a service fee.

Keep in mind; Zenith can change these prices without notice.

Service Costs For Contemporary Zenith Watches

Zenith’s Contemporary watches contain the watch models they currently produce. They’re split up into different sub-sections according to the movement and design and come with varying service costs.

Service Costs For Contemporary Zenith Watches

MovementPartial Service CostsComplete Service Costs
Simple Mechanical$200$500
Mechanical Complication$200$600
Simple Chronograph$300$650
Complicated Chronograph$300$750
El Primero Haute HorlogerieEstimate upon request Estimate upon request

These five different sub-sections all relate to the currently produced Zenith watches. To figure out what Zenith watch you own, the easiest way to go about it is to find your caliber classification on your watch.

Simple Mechanical Calibres: 67, 650, 670, 679, 68, 680, 681, 684, 689

Mechanical Complication Calibres: 655, 672, 682, 683, 685, 6850, 687, 690, 691, 692, 693

Simple Chronograph Calibres: 400, 4000, 4002, 401, 420, 469, 4061, 4062, 4069, 4613, 4650

Complicated Chronograph Calibres: 405, 410, 4100, 418, 4001, 4009, 4010, 4021, 4023, 4037, 4039, 4047, 4052, 4054, 4055, 4057, 4063, 4068, 9004, 9100

El Primero Haute Horlogerie Calibres: 4003, 4005, 4007, 4026, 4029, 4031, 4033, 4034, 4035, 4041, 4043, 4046, 5011, 8800, 4805, 4810, 8801, 8804, 8805, 8808, 8812, 9020

If you can match your watch’s caliber against any of these, you have a rough idea of how much a partial or complete service will cost you.

Service Costs For Historical Zenith Watches

Zenith Historical watches are watches that are no longer actively produced by Zenith. These include several older mechanical models but primarily consist of quartz watches.

Service Costs For Historical Zenith Watches

MovementPartial Service CostsComplete Service Costs
Quartz Watch$100$300
Mechanical WatchEstimate upon request Estimate upon request

As of now, Zenith no longer has any quartz watches in their line-up. They, of course, will still help those with old Zenith quartz watches, but no new ones are produced.

As mentioned before, quartz watches require less maintenance as they function on a battery. Watches that operate on a battery require fewer parts and are typically less complicated. This leads to fewer hours and less expertise required, keeping the price relatively low.

As for the historic mechanical watches, Zenith goes the extra mile. If there’s a part broken or too worn down and they no longer have that part, nor do they produce it anymore, they will produce a single piece, specifically for you and your watch.

What Does A Zenith Watch Service Include?

A Zenith watch service includes disassembling the watch and cleaning and restoring all individual parts. Broken or worn down parts will be replaced, and all parts will be lubed to ensure it works smoothly. The watch is then reassembled and tested for accuracy and water resistance. The watch will also be buffed to make it look as new.

A Zenith watch service includes everything you can expect from a luxury watch service, and more.

Before handing over your watch, an expert will inform you of all the necessary operations and discuss them with you. This is important, as a complete Zenith service also includes the buffing of your watch.

Buffing and polishing watches is a bit of a debated topic, as polishing a watch can lead to a decrease in value. Of course, this isn’t important if you have a Zenith watch that you never intend to sell, but for those that might want to sell their Zenith watch in the future, it’s important to discuss the buffing of the watch before sending it off.


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