Can You Swim With An Omega Watch? -All Models Explained

Even though most watches nowadays are water resistant, swimming with an expensive watch always seems a bit unorthodox. The last thing you want is to break your beautiful timepiece. So is it possible to swim with your Omega watch?

It is possible to swim with Omega Seamaster models, but swimming with an Omega Speedmaster, De Ville, or Constellation is not recommended. Swimming puts the watch under pressure, which could even cause damage to water-resistant timepieces.

Swimming with your watch always seems a little scary, but in some cases, it is possible. The Omega Seamaster, for example, is a diver watch, after all. In this article, we’ll go over all available Omega models and see whether or not you can swim with them, and whether or not you should.

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Can You Swim With An Omega Watch?

Swimming with your watch. Most watch enthusiasts shudder when they hear that sentence, especially if you think of swimming with an expensive timepiece. But it is actually possible. I mean, there’s an entire watch category out there called divers watches.

But just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should (there’s a Jeff Goldblum reference in there somewhere).

All Omega watches are water-resistant up to a certain point. Water resistance for watches is measured in bars, which roughly translates to meters/feet. 10 BAR translates to 100 meters of water resistance or 330 feet.

So a 3 BAR watch should be able to withstand 30 meters of depth. That’s how it works in theory. In reality, it works a little differently. Swimming with a 3 BAR watch is a no-go, according to anyone who values their watch.

In reality, it looks a little more like this:

BARResistance Level
3Resistant against splashes of water and rain.
5Resistant against showering and light swimming.
10Resistant against swimming in salt and sweet water.
20Resistant against swimming, water sports, and diving.

Most wouldn’t even wear their 5 BAR timepiece when swimming, tough, simply because there’s always the risk of water slipping through.

Whether or not you can swim with your Omega watch highly depends on what model you have. There are currently four Omega models in production; Speedmaster, Seamaster, De Ville, and Constellation.

An Omega Seamaster is a diver watch, so with most of those models, you can safely wear them while swimming (there are some exceptions, though, as we’ll go into soon!). However, swimming with an Omega De Ville is not a good idea at all!

In general, I would personally not go swimming with any watch under 10 BAR. While 5 BAR should theoretically be enough, reality often proves that 5 BAR is basically just rain and splash resistance.

And with a watch as expensive as an Omega, I’d rather not take the risk!

In any case, if you regularly swim with your Omega watch, it is recommended to have its water resistance checked at least every year. Water can cause some severe damage to the inside of a watch, which is not only a shame to happen, but getting it fixed is also very costly!

But let’s now take a look at all current Omega models individually!

Can You Swim With An Omega Speedmaster?

All Omega Speedmasters, with the exception of the X-33 Regatta, the Z-33, and the Skywalker X-33, have a water resistance rating of 5 BAR. This means you can wear your watch while swimming or showering. A 5 BAR watch should not be worn during watersports or diving activities.

The Omega Speedmaster is a widely popular model, but the water-resistance levels vary a bit. On the lower end, you’ll find 3 BAR models, like the Z-33 or Skywalker X-33. On the higher end, you’ll find 10 BAR models like the Racing or Moonphase.

Below, you’ll find a table displaying the water-resistance levels for all Omega Speedmaster models.

Speedmaster modelBARMeterFeet
X-33 Regatta330100
Skywalker X-33330100
Moonwatch Professional550167
Dark Side Of The Moon550167
Heritage Models5 – 1050 – 100167 – 330

It’s safe to say that you should not swim while wearing any of the models with 3 BAR water resistance. But maybe also be careful with the 5 BAR models. While theoretically, you can wear those while swimming, it may be in your interest to be on the safer side.

The 10 BAR models are safe to wear while swimming. They’re more resistant to water pressure, though they should still not be worn during watersports or while diving.

Can You Swim With An Omega Seamaster?

The Seamaster line is Omega’s diver’s line, starting from 15 BAR all the way up to 60 BAR. These are safe to swim and even dive with. Some Heritage Models, however, may have a 6 BAR resistance, which is not enough to swim with.

As expected, you can safely swim and even dive with Omega’s diver watches. It’s in the name.

Here’s a table of all Omega Seamaster models and their associated BAR.

Seamaster ModelBARMeterFeet
Aqua Terra15150500
Diver 300M303001000
Heritage Models Seamaster 300303001000
Planet Ocean606002000
Heritage Models6 – 12060 – 1200200 – 4000

The lowest BAR you’ll find is 6, which can be found in some of the Heritage Models. In general, though, it is safe to take your Omega Seamaster for a swim. Most are even resistant enough to the point where you can wear them while diving or doing watersports.

Can You Swim With An Omega De Ville?

All Omega De Ville watches, except for the Ladymatic, have a water-resistance rating of 3 BAR. This means you cannot take them swimming. 3 BAR means the watch is resistant to splashes of water and rain.

There’s just one De Ville model with a high-enough water resistance rating, and that’s the Ladymatic. It has a rating of 10 BAR, which means you can wear your De Ville Ladymatic while swimming.

Below is a table of all De Ville models and their respective ratings.

De Ville ModelBARMeterFeet

Safe to say, you probably shouldn’t go swimming with your Omega De Ville.

Can You Swim With An Omega Constellation?

Omega Constellation watches are typically rated with 10 BAR, which means you can wear an Omega Constellation while swimming. There are a couple of models that have a 3 BAR rating, though.

In general, you can take most Constellation watches swimming with the exception of a couple of select models. These have a 3 BAR rating. The easiest way to check this is to check your dial. Your BAR number is usually displayed there.

Below is a table with all Omega Constellation models and their ratings.

Constellation modelBARMeterFeet
Constellation Models3 – 1030 – 100100 – 330

Once again, most Omega Constellation models are resistant enough to be worn while swimming. Still, it never hurts to exercise caution.


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