Do Citizen Watches Have A Battery? (Why Most Actually Don’t)

Citizen is an extremely popular watch brand, best known for creating high-quality but affordable watches. Nowadays, most affordable watches contain some sort of battery, but do Citizen watches also have a battery?

All Citizen watches, except the Citizen Eco-Drive watches, contain a battery. Citizen Eco-Drive watches are powered by light, so there’s no actual battery. All the other Citizen models have a quartz movement, which is a movement powered by a battery.

Citizen has many different watches under their name, all utilizing different movements and techniques. Take the Citizen Eco-Drive, for example. A unique watch with very different mechanics. In this article, we’ll talk all about the batteries needed for Citizen watches, how long they last, how to replace them, and so on!

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What Kind Of Battery Does Citizen Use

For all the models that do require a battery, Citizen makes their own batteries. All Citizen’s quartz watches require a battery. However, most Citizen watches function on the Eco-Drive technology, so they don’t contain a battery.

Citizen is one of the few companies that literally makes everything in-house. With just one exception, the movements of their Campagnola watches. These parts are made by La Joux Perret, a Citizen-owned company located in Switzerland.

But that also means that Citizen makes all their batteries themselves as well. Despite Citizen’s primary focus on light technology (also known as the Eco-Drive technology), they do have several watch models that function on a battery. These are their quartz watches (read this article if you want to know how quartz watches work!), and quartz watches always require a battery!

What type of battery your Citizen watch uses depends on your model. To find out, take a look at your serial number, which can be found on the back of the case, and compare it on the Citizen website. They have an extensive list of all their different models.

Since Citizen only has a few models with batteries, it isn’t difficult to find the actual battery your watch requires.

If you ever need to swap out the battery for a new one, any local watch specialist will be able to pick the correct one and do it for you.

But if you want to know for yourself, your best bet is to check your serial number and look it up at the Citizen website.

How Long Does A Citizen Watch Battery Last

Citizen batteries last from three to five years. When the battery comes to the end of its life, the second hand starts moving in intervals of two seconds instead of the regular one second. Additionally, some watches have a ‘next battery replacement date’ stamped on the back. Eco-Drive watches typically last 10+ years.

Citizen watch batteries are like your typical watch battery. They last about three to five years, depending on what battery your watch is equipped with. Of course, those years are just an indicator; sometimes, the watch lasts longer, and other times the battery dies early.

Luckily, you can just easily have your battery replaced, either by a local jeweler or a certified Citizen store.

As for Citizen’s Eco-Drive watches, although they don’t have an actual battery, they do contain a solar cell that stores power. These cells store about six months of power after being in contact with sunlight, and an Eco-Drive watch typically lasts more than ten years!

Citizen also makes it quite easy for us to notice when a battery is running out of juice. Some watches have a ‘next battery replacement date’ stamped on the back, which is, of course, the most obvious and easy way to find out how long the battery lasts.

But not all Citizen watches come with such a clear description. You should keep a close eye on the second hand in those cases.

When a Citizen watch’s battery starts running out, the second hand starts to move in intervals of two seconds, instead of the regular, smooth one-second intervals.

When you notice that the second hand starts moving in two-second intervals, it’s time to have the battery replaced. If the battery dies and you leave it inside the watch for too long, it could start to leak, damaging the inside of the watch.

Do Citizen Eco-Drive Watches Have Batteries

A Citizen Eco-Drive watch has no battery. Eco-Drive watches are powered by light, so there’s no need for an actual battery. This does mean that the watch needs to be exposed to (sun)light somewhat frequently (preferably every six months); otherwise, it stops working.

Whereas most Citizen watches are quartz watches, they also have a more unique line, their Eco-Drive watches. Inside an Eco-Drive watch, there’s a solar cell that picks up and stores energy it gets from light. The most common light source is sunlight, but most light sources will be able to power the cell.

Aside from using the light source to power and move the watch, it also ensures that energy is stored inside the watch. This means that there’s no need for 24/7 exposure to light sources, as the watch will be able to run on its power reserve.

The power reserve of your typical Citizen Eco-Drive watch, paired with the incredibly susceptible solar cell, will ensure that your watch keeps working for up to 6 months, even in total darkness.

But that also means that there’s no battery present.

And that could be a good thing, as that also means that there’s no need for battery replacements. You only want to have it serviced every once in a while.

If you’d like to know whether or not Citizen’s Eco-Drive watches need to be serviced, you can read this article here!

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Citizen Watch Battery

A Citizen watch battery swap typically costs between $10 and $45. If you have a Citizen watch with a hybrid quartz and chronograph movement, a battery swap will cost between $65 and $95. These prices include the cost of the battery and the replacement of the battery.

Battery swaps are relatively inexpensive, and it’s no different with Citizen. Expect to pay anywhere between $10 and $45 for a battery swap. The exact price will, of course, vary depending on your local jeweler or Citizen store, but you really shouldn’t expect to pay more than that.

This price includes both the battery and the replacement of the battery.

Additionally, Citizen has a few hybrid quartz and chronograph models. A battery swap will come in slightly more expensive here. Expect to pay between $65 and $95 for a battery swap.

Do Citizen Watches Need To Be Serviced

It’s recommended to have your Citizen watch serviced every three to five years. This goes for all their watch models, including quartz and Eco-Drive watches. Citizen watches, like all watches, contain many inner workings that should be taken care of. A service is a general practice for any watch.

Citizen watches, like basically every watch, should be serviced every few years. It is recommended to have the watch serviced every three to five years, but you can have it serviced more often or less often, depending on your preference.

When you take your Citizen watch in for a service, that usually also includes a battery swap, so you can kill two birds with one stone here.

The service costs of a Citizen watch usually start from $50 and can go into several hundred dollars. However, you should keep in mind that most Citizen watches are priced reasonably low (especially compared to the likes of Rolex and Omega), and that Citizen watches don’t necessarily excel in holding their value.

A service won’t hurt, of course, but if you take your Citizen watch in for several services in just a few years, it may be more beneficial just to buy a new watch altogether.

On the other hand, most of Citizen’s Eco-Drive watches will last upwards of ten years, so servicing them twice during those ten years could keep your watch working as new!


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