Fossil Watch Serial Numbers Guide; What Do They Mean

Fossil watches are popular due to their affordable prices and high quality. Although they typically cost around $100, they’re considered budget watches compared to other, more luxurious brands. Some Fossil watches have serial numbers, and it’s helpful to know what these numbers mean.

Fossil watch serial numbers indicate the authenticity of a watch. Since Fossil watches aren’t particularly expensive, they don’t always have serial numbers. You can find most serial numbers on the case backs. You can also find Fossil smartwatch serial numbers in the ‘about’ section of the watch.

The rest of this article will discuss Fossil watch serial numbers in greater detail. Be sure to keep reading to learn more.

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What Are Fossil Watch Serial Numbers?

Fossil watch serial numbers are codes on the case backs of some Fossil watches. The serial number indicates that your Fossil watch is authentic. Although you can’t gain any information from the serial number, you can contact Fossil to make sure it’s a real serial number.

Serial Numbers Are Not To Be Confused With Model Numbers

However, Fossil watches also have model numbers. You shouldn’t confuse model numbers with serial numbers because they represent different things. 

Each watch has a unique serial number. Two watches can’t have the same one, which makes each individual watch identifiable.

A model number is a code given to all the watches made in the same way (in other words, watches of the same style). If you contact Fossil customer service, they’ll be able to help you determine which number is the serial number and which is the model number.

Reading Fossil Watch Serial Numbers

To read a fossil watch serial number, you can usually locate it on the case back. If you can’t find a serial number, it’s likely that your watch doesn’t have one. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fake.

Some models display the serial numbers on the strap or side of the case. You may need to examine the watch in different areas to find the serial number. 

In most cases, Fossil watch serial numbers are made up of just numbers, unlike other brands that incorporate letters as well. If you want to learn more about your watch by using the serial number, you can contact the Fossil customer support team. 

Unfortunately, there is no public information on reading Fossil watch serial numbers. This makes it difficult to determine when your watch was manufactured by reading the serial number. Still, there generally isn’t a need to read them since Fossil watches are not particularly high-end and thus generally don’t need to be verified.

Serial Number vs. Model Number

Since there are two numbers (model and serial) on Fossil watches, you may be wondering which is which. As I mentioned earlier, you can easily contact Fossil’s customer support and they will tell you which one is which.

However, you could also try to Google both numbers. You’ll likely get no results for the serial number since it’s unique to your watch. But if you Google the model number, you might get some results from an online forum because it’s a number shared by other watches of that model. This can help you differentiate between the two numbers.

On my own Fossil watch, we can see two numbers; 111607 and ME3101. Since we know that the serial number typically only contains numbers, we can establish that 111607 is the serial number and ME3101 is the model number.

And to verify this, when you Google ME3101, you’ll see the exact same watch that is displayed in the pictures in this article. In other words, we just verified that ME3101 is the model number and 111607 is the serial number.

Fossil Watch Serial Numbers Aren’t That Important

Generally, serial numbers are only necessary and useful for expensive and luxurious watches. For example, the serial numbers on Cartier watches are often more useful than those on Fossil watches.

Serial numbers are more important on luxurious watches because they make it easier to spot fakes. They can also help you trace where and when the watch was made and sold, which is useful because many people like to know the history of their high-end watches.

Generally, someone buying a Fossil watch isn’t going to be concerned with the history of the watch because it’s not as valuable. Of course, it’s nice to know, but most people wouldn’t even be buying a second-hand Fossil watch in the first place.

Fossil watches are on the more affordable side. Although some may view them as expensive, they’re pretty cheap in terms of watches. Typically costing around $100, there isn’t a need for anyone to make counterfeit ones. This makes serial numbers largely unimportant.

This watch forum discusses why serial numbers are essential for higher-end brands if you’re interested in learning more.

The Importance of Serial Numbers for High-End Watches

As I already briefly mentioned, serial numbers help with the following:

  • Indicating where a watch was manufactured
  • Indicating where a watch was sold
  • Indicating when a watch was manufactured

Let’s say you buy a used antique watch for $2000. Naturally, you’d want to know the history of this watch and make sure it’s authentic before paying for it. This is where serial numbers come in handy. By reading the serial number, you can get valuable information about the watch.

Contact Support for Help Reading Serial Numbers

Sometimes, it can be challenging to understand what a serial number indicates. In our case, the serial number 111607 doesn’t necessarily mean anything to us. There’s also no real information on what these numbers mean.

You can, however, try and Google the model number. This should provide you with some information, such as when this particular model was first available, but other than that, there isn’t much information available.

In that case, it’s possible to call the brand’s customer care team and give them the serial number. With that, they should be able to check whether the watch is authentic or not. They may even have further information on the history of the watch.

Without serial numbers, many people wouldn’t feel comfortable paying so much money for a watch that they’re not even sure is authentic. 

That explains why some Fossil watches don’t have serial numbers. No one wants to counterfeit an already affordable watch; it simply wouldn’t make logical sense!

Serial Numbers Protect Brand Image and Customers

High-end watches are too expensive for many people. So, when they see a watch that usually costs $3000 being sold for $400, they will jump at the opportunity to buy it. 

Watch companies create serial numbers to prevent this from happening for several reasons, including the following:

  • To protect customers. Some customers may think they’re getting a bargain for a luxury watch. In reality, they’re getting a cheap product.
  • To protect brand image. Fake watches can affect brand image, especially if they are of particularly low quality.

Brand image and customer satisfaction are some of the most important things for a watch brand. As you now know, a serial number helps reinforce these. 

Since Fossil watches are less expensive than most luxury watches, there’s no need to put too much time or effort into serial numbers. Although the above points (protecting customers and brand image) are undoubtedly crucial for Fossil, there isn’t as much concern surrounding counterfeit watches being made. 

This makes it easier for a brand like Fossil to protect customers because there’s almost no chance of customers getting conned with counterfeit watches. So, while luxury brands like Rolex and Cartier need to put a lot of effort into a serial number system to protect customers and the brand image, Fossil doesn’t have this concern.

Identifying Fake Fossil Watches

It is extremely rare to come across fake Fossil watches. That’s not to say there are no fake Fossil watches out there, but it’s unlikely that you’ll find one. If you notice your Fossil watch doesn’t have a serial number, you may be worried that it’s fake.

Honestly, it’s unlikely that a Fossil watch lacking a serial number is fake. In fact, it’s common for many affordable watch brands not to include serial numbers on their watches. If you’re buying a Fossil watch, you shouldn’t be concerned about the serial number or lack thereof.

You may think the primary indicator of a fake Fossil watch lies in the serial number. However, price is one of the most significant tell-tale signs of a counterfeit Fossil watch. Since many Fossil watches retail for around $100, a new watch being sold for $20 is likely to be fake. 

Again, you’re unlikely to come across this situation because it wouldn’t make much business sense for a fake watch seller if they were only earning $20 per watch. That’s why counterfeit sellers aim for the more expensive brands to make counterfeits—they can make way more money that way!

Fossil Smart Watch Serial Numbers

Fossil primarily sells standard wristwatches, but they also offer some smartwatches to choose from. Generally, Fossil’s smartwatches are more expensive than the regular Fossil watches, so a serial number is slightly more important.

While many standard Fossil watches sell for just above $100, some Fossil smartwatches sell for around $300. Although this wouldn’t be considered too expensive by many, it’s certainly not cheap.

Finding Serial Numbers on Fossil Smart Watches

Because of the added value, all Fossil smartwatches have serial numbers. To find the serial number, you need to go to the ‘About’ section of the smartwatch and read the code. There is also a model number, which differs from the serial number.

While the serial number is unique, the model number will be the same on all watches of the same batch. 

Identifying Authenticity of Fossil Smart Watches

If you’re concerned that your Fossil smartwatch is fake, you should find the serial number and contact Fossil’s team. They’ll be able to check the authenticity of the serial number for you to put your mind at ease. 

Even though Fossil smartwatches are slightly more expensive than the regular Fossil watches, it’s still improbable that you will come across counterfeits. So, while it’s a good idea to double-check the serial number to make sure your Fossil smartwatch is authentic, it’s almost a guarantee that it’s real, and you shouldn’t be concerned!


Fossil watch serial numbers indicate whether a watch is authentic. However, not all Fossil watches have serial numbers because there’s generally no need due to their relatively low prices.

Since Fossil watches aren’t high-end, there are no real concerns surrounding counterfeit products being made, which is why many of their watches may not even have serial numbers.

However, all Fossil smartwatches have serial numbers because they’re slightly more valuable than the standard watches, although not by much. The serial number on a Fossil smartwatch confirms that it’s authentic.


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