Is Tudor A Luxury Watch Brand?

Although not as expensive as some other luxury watch brands, a Tudor watch is still quite an investment. With such a high price tag, you may wonder, is Tudor a luxury watch brand?

Tudor is a luxury watch brand that offers luxury watches for more affordable prices. Tudor watches are made with high-quality and exotic materials, and feature an in-house-made movement. Furthermore, the Tudor name and pricepoint further push it into the luxury segment.

Deciding whether or not a brand is a luxury watch brand can sometimes be tricky. Although high-quality and luxurious, Tudor is a lot more affordable than the typical luxury watch brands (think Rolex or Omega). In this article, we’ll detail why Tudor is, in fact, a luxury watch brand!

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Is Tudor A Luxury Watch Brand?

When it comes to classing watches as luxury watches, we need to look at several factors. The term ‘luxury’ can have a different meaning for everyone, but there are a few guidelines put in place when it comes to luxury watches.

These include:

  • The movement has to me made in-house.
  • The materials used must be of high-quality.
  • The brand needs to make use of exotic materials (think gold and titanium).
  • The brand features complications.
  • The brand hand-assembles their watches.

Additionally, the name and price point also play a role. One of the perks of a luxury item is that it’s rare and exclusive. And in order to be rare and exclusive, it needs to be limited, either by actual production numbers or by barriers such as a high price.

The Movement

The movement being made in-house is one of the most important factors when it comes to a watch being a luxury watch. An in-house-made movement is viewed as superior compared to an outsourced movement. It shows that the watch is made with care and expertise.

Not every Tudor watch has an in-house-made movement, but recent releases feature an in-house movement.

Tudor has grown a lot over recent years, and with that growth came the ability to work on an in-house-made movement. While older models may not have a movement made by Tudor itself, most newer models do, and the newer models tend to set a precedent for the future.

The Brand’s Name, The Exclusivity, And The Price

Tudor is commonly referred to as Rolex’s little brother. After all, Rolex owns Tudor. But that doesn’t mean that Tudor is seen as a bad brand. The opposite, actually. Most people know the Tudor name, and they know that Tudor provides quality and luxury timepieces.

Although it may not command the same respect as the likes of Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet, the Tudor name is still seen as a luxurious one, and a timepiece from the brand will always be seen as a luxury item.

Where Tudor differs the most from the more expensive brands is the price. Tudor offers their timepieces at much more affordable prices while still keeping the quality high. They may not feature as many expensive materials like gold or diamonds, but quality-wise, a Tudor watch isn’t all that different from a Rolex watch.

And although Tudor offers more affordable luxury watches, that doesn’t mean that these timepieces are cheap. They still run at several thousands of dollars, so there’s still that luxury feel. Not everyone can spend a few thousand dollars on a watch.

The Materials Used

Similar to the movements used within the watches, Tudor has improved significantly over time. Older models typically feature high-quality materials such as stainless steel, but they used to use slightly cheaper alternatives when it comes to exotic materials.

Tudor used 14K gold for their bezels, whereas the bracelets utilized 9K gold. However, the newer models make use of 18K gold, the standard for luxury watches.

Other than gold, Tudor also uses titanium and diamonds, two exotic materials commonly found in luxury watches.

As for the watch face, Tudor makes use of a sapphire crystal. This is once again the leading material in luxury watches. A sapphire crystal is the most scratch-resistant option for the watch face there is. It can only be scratched by diamonds.

The Manufacturing Process

Tudor imports many parts, but all the parts are hand-assembled in Switzerland. This may not be as important of a contributor to the luxury name as the other factors, but a manufacturing process that entirely takes place in-house is a big pro.

When a watch is fully assembled in-house, there’s the guarantee that everything is up to the brand’s quality standards. This is especially true when every watch is hand-assembled and tested. Machines tend to let faulty timepieces slide, but Swiss watchmaking experts don’t.

Are Tudor Watches A Good Investment?

Tudor watches typically don’t appreciate in value over time. There are several outliers, but most models don’t appreciate or hold their value all that well. Within the first three years, most Tudor watches have depreciated by about 50%.

If you’re looking to buy a Tudor watch with the intention of selling it for a profit down the line, you’re probably out of luck. Although Tudor is a respected luxury brand with high-quality timepieces, most of its watches don’t appreciate or hold their value all that well.

A watch is best comparable to a car. The moment you walk out of the store, the watch has lost a good chunk of its value. Wear it for a few years, and there’s a good chance the watch is worth 50% less.

Of course, there are always some outliers, which we go into more detail about in this article, but buying a Tudor to flip it later on is probably not in your favor.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to invest in a quality timepiece for yourself, a watch you can wear for years on end, knowing you can count on it to be reliable, a Tudor makes an excellent investment.

As mentioned before, Tudor watches are of excellent quality and will last for many years to come. And by the time the watch starts to deteriorate, you can always have it serviced so it works and looks as good as new!

Are Tudor Watches Worth The Money?

A Tudor watch is definitely worth the money. Tudor offers luxury timepieces at entry-level prices without sacrificing quality.

Together with a brand like Tissot, Tudor offers some of the best value for your money. A Tudor timepiece is of high quality, utilizes the best materials, but still manages to come at a relatively affordable price.

The average Tudor models go for about $2500 to $5000, which is on the more affordable end when it comes to luxury watches.

But $2500 to $5000 is still a lot of money. And that’s why it’s most important to figure this question out yourself. Is a watch that expensive worth it to you? Can you afford it? And are you willing to pay a few thousand dollars for a watch? If yes, then a Tudor watch is worth the money.

Keep in mind that a watch is never worth going into financial trouble over. We wrote an extensive article on just how much money you should spend on a watch, which you can find here.

If you have the money and love the product, though, Tudor offers some of the best value for your money!


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