How Much Is A Tudor Watch Service? (Cost Breakdown)

Tudor is an excellent watch brand that offers luxurious Swiss watches at a slightly more affordable price. To keep your watch looking and working as new, it’s important to have it serviced every once and again, but how much does a Tudor watch service cost?

Depending on the model, a complete Tudor service will cost between $250 and $1000. The service costs for newer models with in-house movement will be much higher than the watch models that use a modified ETA movement.

How much a Tudor service costs can vary widely depending on the model. This article will discuss the different costs associated with the different models. It will also cover how often you should service a Tudor watch and what’s included in a service!

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How Much Does A Tudor Watch Service Cost?

Depending on the model, a Tudor watch service can cost between $250 en $1000 for a complete service.

A Tudor service typically starts at around $250, but depending on the model and the movement, it can go all the way up to about $1000.

Ever since 2015, Tudor has started to offer their own in-house movement. Before that time, though, Tudor used modified ETA movements. As of now, not every Tudor watch includes an in-house movement, but the ones that do will typically be more expensive to service.

Servicing a Tudor watch that still uses a modified ETA movement will be a lot cheaper to service. Of course, cheap and expensive is all relative, as even the more affordable services for Tudor watches are as expensive as the average Citizen or Fossil watch.

Since Tudor is the sister company of Rolex, an official Tudor service goes through the Rolex Service Center.

The exact cost of a Tudor watch service is difficult to pinpoint for several reasons:

  • Different models come with different requirements and service costs.
  • Tudor is somewhat secretive about service costs and usually sends you a personalized invoice.

With that said, we did manage to get several estimates for some of the more popular models.

ModelComplete Service Cost
Black Bay$320 – $480
Advisor$430 – $600
Black Shield$430 – $600
Pelagos$320 – $1000

Additionally, you can also have your case and bracelet buffed. The prices for that are:

  • Buffing the case: $90
  • Buffing the case and bracelet: $150

Aside from the standard service, Tudor does offer a two-year service warranty. This warranty does not cover any damage from dropping your watch or accidentally smashing it against something, but if your Tudor watch has any manufacturing faults, you can get that fixed up for free within two years.

How Often Should You Service A Tudor Watch?

It is recommended to have your Tudor watch serviced once every five to ten years or when you see or notice that something is broken or not working as it should. Rattling sounds or a lagging or loose hand signifies that your watch needs to be serviced.

How often you should service your watch depends on how you treat your watch. Provided you don’t do anything out of the ordinary, a high-quality watch such as a Tudor watch only needs to be serviced once every five to ten years.

And since every Tudor watch is a mechanical watch, there’s no need for a battery replacement. A watch battery typically lasts two to five years, but since there are no batteries, you really only need to go in every five to ten years for a complete service.

Aside from the recommended five to ten year timeframe, there are a few signs that your watch is in need of a service earlier:

  • There’s moisture inside the case.
  • There’s a weird rattling sound inside the case (sign that some parts are loose).
  • The second hand skips or jitters.
  • Your watch is becoming inaccurate (inaccuracy of about 2 seconds a day is normal, any more than that is a sign something’s off)
  • Your watch feels ‘off’ (in the end, we all know our watch the best, so if something feels off but you can’t quite put your finger on it, it may be best to take it in for a service).

When you notice any of these signs, it’s important to get your watch looked at quickly. Tudor watches are mechanical watches, and they consist of hundreds of tiny, fragile parts. If there’s moisture inside the case or a screw is loose, it’s vital to get that fixed as soon as possible.

Otherwise, you may be looking at permanent damage or a much more costly service.

What Is Included In A Tudor Watch Service?

A Tudor watch service includes disassembly of the watch, a deep cleaning of the parts and an eventual replacement where necessary, lubricating the movement, and assembly of the watch. Additionally, you can also have the case and bracelet buffed if you like.

A watch service almost always comes down to the same routine; disassembling the watch, cleaning the parts, replacing broken parts, lubricating the movement, and assembling the watch. For Tudor watches, it’s no different.

Before they actually start working on your watch, a specialist will first take a detailed look at the timepiece. From reading the serial number, they will know what watch it is and what movement it has. The specialist will then inspect the watch, looking for anything that’s off. The cost will be estimated with that information, which you’ll need to approve.

Upon approval, the watch will be disassembled. This includes the case and the movement, and all of these parts will be inspected. If there are parts that are broken or too worn down, they will be replaced.

To ensure your watch works smoothly, the movement will be lubricated. An unlubricated movement can cause the hands to jitter, which was one of the signs your timepiece is in need of servicing!

The watch will then be tested for precision, accuracy, and water resistance, and only when it meets the high standards will the service be complete.

Additionally, you can have your case and bracelet polished. Polishing your watch is a bit of a debatable topic, so you’ll have to decide for yourself if you want that. For more info on why you should or should not polish your watch, you should read this article!


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