How Much Is A Tag Heuer Watch Service? (Cost Breakdown)

Known for their luxury and high-precision chronograph watches, the Swiss brand Tag Heuer is a favorite among many watch enthusiasts and horologists.

From their expansive collection of sport and tourbillon watches to novelty pieces and innovative smartwatches, it’s a good idea to maintain peak performance in your Tag Heuer by servicing it every five years. Hence, how much is a Tag Heuer watch service? 

On average, a Tag Heuer complete overhaul service costs about $390. For maintenance on a Tag Heuer watch, you can expect to pay about $170. The final amount you’ll pay depends on the model of your watch, its condition, and caliber. 

Since you probably paid a pretty penny for your Tag Heuer timepiece, you probably want to keep it running smoothly, too (and looking sharp!). Here’s an in-depth breakdown of the cost of complete service and partial maintenance for your Tag Heuer watch. 

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How Much Is A Tag Heuer Watch Service?

On average, a Tag Heuer complete service costs around $390. Service costs for quartz watches are on the lower end, typically costing around $185, while mechanical chronograph Type III watches typically cost $665 for a complete service. The final price depends on your watch’s model, movement, and condition. 

For maintenance on your Tag Heuer watch, you can expect to pay about half the cost of a complete service – about $140 – $200. 

Unlike popular believe, Tag Heuer isn’t actually considered to be a luxury watch brand. You can read more about that in this article here!

Here’s a cost breakdown of Tag Heuer’s complete service and partial maintenance service by caliber type. 

Tag Heuer Complete Service Cost

A typical complete service includes six major steps, including taking apart the watch, cleaning its 100+ parts, and replacing, adjusting, and reassembling everything back together. 

After the watch is initially dismantled, each spare watch part is cleaned in an ultrasonic bath to remove dirt, residue, and grease. Then, any worn parts are replaced and lubricated. The movement is adjusted and checked for accuracy, too.

Finally, the case, dials, and hands are reassembled, and each seal is tested for water resistance. 

It’s recommended to service your Tag Heuer watch every five years. 

Cost Of A Complete Tag Heuer Watch Service 

Movement / Parts Service Cost
AverageComplete service $390 (average) 
Automatic Complete Service $380 – $430
-Chronograph Type II
-Chronograph Type III
Complete Service $335
-Chronograph Type II
Complete Service $185
Connected smartwatch Complete Service $370

Tag Heuer Maintenance Service Cost

A Tag Heuer maintenance service is different from a complete service in that only certain parts of the watch are serviced – and that’s usually not the movement.

Partial maintenance service includes testing for water resistance and cleaning the watch bracelet and case, though the gaskets are also swapped out and pressure tested. 

Furthermore, a maintenance service can include replacing parts of the bracelet, case, crystal, dial, or hands if requested. 

Tag Heuer recommends bringing your watch in for a partial maintenance service every 2-3 years. 

Cost Of A Maintenance Tag Heuer Watch Service 

Movement / Parts Service Cost
AverageMaintenance service $170 (average)
Automatic Maintenance Service $190 – $215
-Chronograph Type II
-Chronograph Type III
Maintenance Service $185
-Chronograph Type II
Maintenance Service $110
Connected smartwatch Maintenance Service $185

How Much Is It To Replace A Tag Heuer Battery?

On average, it costs about $65 to swap out an old battery for a new one on a Tag Heuer quartz watch. 

Battery Replacement Average Cost
Formula 1Replacement $80

A Tag Heuer battery replacement is relatively cheap, and a brand-new battery lasts about 2-3 years.

After the battery has been replaced, they will replace the case back gasket and test it for water resistance.

It’s best to send your Tag Heuer watch to an authorized workshop for a battery replacement. This ensures your watch is taken care of in the best way possible.

Tag Heuer Service Costs For Automatic Watches 

It costs about $400 for complete service on a Tag Heuer automatic watch. Most watch wearers say they’ve paid about $380 – $430 for a complete overhaul of their Tag Heuer automatic and about $190 -$220 for partial maintenance. 

Some of Tag Heuer’s most classic automatic watches are the Carrera 1887, the Aquagraph, SLR, and the Monaco LS. 

If you have a standard automatic chronograph or one that tracks the day and date, it’ll likely cost you a little less for service, around $380 – $400. 

Tag Heuer Service Costs For Mechanical Watches 

The cost of a complete service on a Tag Heuer mechanical watch is about $480. If you have a non-chronograph watch, you can expect to pay at least $335. Chronograph watches are more complex and will cost you a bit more – about $435 to start. For a partial service of your Tag Heuer mechanical watch, you can expect to pay about $185 on average. 

Popular mechanical watches from Tag Heuer include the Carrera Calibre 36 Flyback, Monaco 24, and sporty Formula 1. A series 2000 Aquaracer, for example, will cost about $475 – $650 for full service. 

If you have a watch made with one of the brand’s special calibers, it’ll cost upwards of $485. 

Tag Heuer’s special calibers include:

  • COSC-certified calibers (like the automatic Heuer 02T or some of the Calibre 5 movements)
  • In-house calibers (like Calibre Heuer 01) 
  • Calibre 36 

Tag Heuer Service Costs For Quartz Watches

It costs about $185 on average for complete service on a Tag Heuer quartz watch. Chronograph quartz watches run about $290, while the brand’s Chronograph Type II models are typically slightly more expensive to fix – about $325. 

For maintenance service on a Tag Heuer quartz watch, expect to shell out around $110. 

The elegant and glistening Carrera line is one of their most popular styles, though the brand has no shortage of other quartz-powered timepieces. For example, the Aquaracer, Link, and Formula 1 models are not only powered by mechanical movement, but they are available as battery-powered as well. 

Tag Heuer Service Costs For Connected Smart Watches 

Complete service on a Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch is about $370. 

There are two models of Connected smartwatches:

  • Connected
  • Connected Gold Edition.

As with any watch, If your watch has a mechanical module (the watch head) and is compatible with the Connected Modular 45mm, you can bring it into a Tag Heuer store for repair. That’s one of the most common repairs the Connected smartwatches seem to have. 

Keep in mind; you’ll want to have documentation for your watch – whether that’s in the form of a physical or digital warranty card upon purchase.


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